Locally Brewed Original Formula Soda


No Caffeine, Low Sodium

Lost Trail Soda began with a smooth and creamy root beer, Lost Trail Root Beer. The recipe for our root beer was inspired by the original root beer formula encountered somewhere off the Santa Fe Trail by Joe Marshall, great-great grandfather of Shelly Schierman, owner of Lost Trail Soda. Our Lost Trail Root Beer was such a favorite that it wasn’t long before other Lost Trail soda flavors “hit the trail”. The secret to keeping the effervescent gusto of Lost Trail Soda is to use a “small batch” process. This microbrewed, draft style method ensures an old fashioned taste and the high quality found in Lost Trail Soda. You may have already tried our Lost Trail Soda and know what we’re talking about. But, if you’ve never enjoyed the old fashioned flavorful qualities of these beverages…

Welcome to a delicious experience!

The Lost Trail Soda line of beverages includes:

Regular Lost Trail Root Beer Diet Lost Trail Root Beer

Lost Trail Sarsaparilla Lost Trail Cream Soda

Lost Trail Strawberry & Cream Lost Trail Orange & Cream

and Lost Trail Black Cherry Soda

Please Note: We can only ship to continental US addresses. All other addresses please call 913-837-5202 for actual shipping charges.

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